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Rules and Info

What is Nightmare Fuel?

Anything DARK. Not necessarily scary, but dark.

Nightmare fuel is just that, and Pokémon is full of it. Nightmare fuel is different from creepypasta in that it's usually focused on pre-existing elements. It can also be dark. Heavy angst, suicide, death matches, all the horrifying pedophila-esque interactions in Gens I and II... Really, Nightmare Fuel isn't black and white. (Though, given Gen V... No, I'm not making that bad pun. I'm just not.) Do not submit original creepypasta here.

For those of you who aren't a) Already Tropers and b) Like overthinking things as much as I do, go here: TV Trope's Pokémon Nightmare Fuel Page

What Counts as Dark:

  • MissingNo.
  • Cyrus.
  • The idea that ten year old kids are set loose in a world full of powerful, dangerous creatures who can easily kill adult humans.
  • Every sailor and Cue Ball who says they "like feisty kids"
  • Fanart of these things
  • Mewtwo
  • Pretty much all of Platinum Version
  • Lavender Town
  • Glitches
  • Fanfiction of these things
  • Theories and WMGs about these things.
  • Original characters and concepts that follow dark themes

What is NOT Nightmare Fuel:

  • Anything not creepy/dark/unsettling.
  • Pokémon general stuff. Oh, no! I have to pick my starter and buy some Potions! EEK! ...Yeahno.
  • Your yaoi fanfiction
  • MY yaoi fanfiction
  • A lot of things. ...That is, until you realize just what's REALLY going on...

These are rules. This means these rules must be followed. This means follow these rules. They are very strictly enforced. ...Or would be, if your founder were less lazy.

What Is Allowed:

  • Gore
  • 18+ content
  • Guro
  • Yaoi/Yuri/Shipping/Whatever, as long as it contains some dark content and is dA-safe
  • Fanfiction
  • Cosplay
  • Parodies of nightmare fuel
  • Sprites
  • Original characters and Fakemon
  • Pretty much anything non-crappy that is both dark and Pokémon-related.

Keep to yourself:

  • Porn
  • General Content and things that are NOT nightmare fuel (see above)
  • Anything derogatory.
  • Crap. It's okay if you can't draw very well, but if you're going to submit a drawing you did, regardless of how hard a time you have with drawing, it had better look like you've put effort into it. Skill isn't a must. Effort is. Show us your best!
  • Someone else's work. Seriously. Durrrr.
  • Screenshots of 4chan posts.
  • Screenshots at all, unless they're something you're making or in-progress, in which case please share.
  • Your shipping fanfiction. Unless it contains nightmare fuel/mindscrew/etc. A skeleton fossil MissingNo. had BETTER pop out at some point! :noes:
  • Any original "urban legend" style creepypasta. All fanfiction submissions MUST take place on the other side of the fourth wall. No "I was playing a game and the game was become more than just a game THEN WHO WAS PHONE"! More on "creepypasta" and why it is not accepted here: pkmn-nightmare-fuel.deviantart…
  • No fanart of existing "urban legend" style creepypasta (Lost Silver, Pokemon Dead Channel, Glitchy Red) etc. This is because it's a little outside the focus of this group AND there is already a group for it. :iconpokemoncreepy-pasta:

Misc. Rules

  • Be nice. Be respectful. Don't dis someone's opinions/work/whatever. If you don't have anything nice to say...
  • Fan theories/WMGs/Crazy shit you found out on your own is PLENTY welcome. You can submit it to the group Blog and let us all know what you make of the (terrifying) world of Pokémon... Just keep it out of the deviation folders unless you have something accompanying it (artwork, literature, sprites, etc)
  • Enjoy.

This group was created primarily so people like your founder can stop annoying the crap out of the submissions reviewers at :iconpokemoncreepy-pasta:. If you're interested in things focused more on creepypasta and less on the in-universe horrors of the Pokemon world, check them out.


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Group Info

A group for all fans of the darker side of Pokemon.
Founded 7 Years ago
Nov 12, 2010


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Fan Club

746 Members
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MissingNo. Blue
I'm going to kill you... if i don't drive you to suicide.. ill beat you to death.. my bone will penetrate your skull for your what you've forgotten. I'm going to  beat you with my bone.
I'm sorry... i forgot to say the most important details. My name is MissingNo... and i plan to slaughter that bastard victini, and then you.
To understand my motives, id have to tell you my life's story, which has two origins depending on which way you'd like to go... ill start with my "human" origins, then ill get to  my life.. which ill call.. the "Story-line" origins.
I was suppose to be the bridge between the pokemon kangaskhan and marowak, but when my actual sketch fell through the cracks... a much sadder story was created to take my place. They call it "The Cubone/MissingNo theory".
I'm honored that i have my own theory... but this is actually the fact of my existence.. im a file in a game for amusement... but i don't loathe you or the creators. I'm in love with all of you real
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I've taken after our sister group :iconpokemoncreepy-pasta: in enforcing some new rules.

No more creepypasta, period. That doesn't really have anything to do with the in-world terrors I started this group to focus on, and there's already a group for it. That means no more creepypasta fanart.

Things that are ambiguously canon, like the antidote in the trash, Blue's Raticate, etc. are a go, since those "pastas" are just based on in-game evidence and don't imply having any effect in the real world.

Original concepts are still a go. Things like OCs, Fakemon, fanfiction, etc. are FINE. I do not discriminate against OCs and Fakemon. If it's dark, HAVE AT IT.

Of course, this group was made to focus mostly on actual in-game dark themes, but original concepts are fine, too. Originally we allowed EVERYTHING, but due to the volume of the group and the sister group already catering to everyone's creepypasta needs, there's really nothing to be had from accepting all this creepypasta stuff besides annoying people who watch both groups.

Any questions, concerns, or whining, feel free to note me on my personal account.
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ArthurNewton Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016
I do have one question: I have a story that would fit this category well. However your rules specify "Anything dark." This story, of course, would require escalation, so it's not immediately disturbing. However, I would really want to contribute the entire thing. Would that be okay, or should I wait?
Dark-Wolf66 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Isn't Ghetsis also kind of dark too?
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You still active?
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Yeah, the stories I've been submitting have been expiring as well. What's happening?
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Hello. I'd hate to bother you, but I tried sending up my story here twice, and it expired both times. I hope it's not too much to ask, but would you mind looking at it when you get the chance?
YellowCab-816 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012
um, my cubone missingno thingy expired. i was wondering if you looked at it or not.
CraniaMania Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
So I just wrote this: [link]

And I'm not sure if I should put it in Creepypasta or here. I personally don't consider it Creepypasta.
YellowCab-816 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
um, i have a question. If I do a story 'bout the Cubone/Missingno theory, will you guys accept it? I was curious
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